Unique Uses for Gabions

Nov 15, 2017

From retaining walls to pillars or ponds, gabions filled with your choice of aggregates can be a stunning unique solution for your client’s outdoor creations.

Gabions are cages filled with rocks, concrete, or sand with soil that have been used in civil engineering dating back to the 14th century.

Mostly gabions have been used for temporary flood walls, silt filtration from runoff, and stabilizing shorelines. Unlike more rigid structures, gabions can conform to subsidence and dispel energy from flowing water while being able to drain. If a gabion wall is being constructed as a retaining wall, they are angled back towards the slope. If the gabions are creating a dividing wall or is non-structured, they are stacked in a vertical manner.

The Concrete Store offers various sizes of welded wire mesh gabion baskets made with galvanized steel which is the most common material they are made of. Gabions can also be ordered with a PVC coated wire and last up to 60 years.

Types of aggregates that are typically used in gabion baskets can range from gabion stone (4” – 8” in size), Class 1 Kickoff (runs 8” – 15”), or Class 1 Rip Rap (runs 15” – 20”.) All of which are available at our flagship sand and gravel facility in Waldorf. As you look at the larger aggregates, a steel-bedded truck is highly recommended.

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